About The School  

About Our School

Southlawn Elementary School is south of metro Montgomery in the Southlawn Community Estates. The school property resides on sixteen acres of land and is located at 5225 Patricia Lane. The school opened in September 1968 and additions to the school plant were made in 1975 and 1985.

Southlawn is a traditional school that provides an educational environment to meet varied educational needs of its population of 289 students in grades Pre-K - 5. Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten are in a self-contained setting, while students in 1st - 5th are departmentalized. The staff at Southlawn Elementary work diligently to provide a caring, nurturing and safe learning environment that will target the individual needs of each student.

We not only want our students to master the state standards at their grade level but far beyond. Our focus is to ensure students identify and appreciate their uniqueness, realize their potential, and develop and learn according to their own styles and ability.


School Expectations:

·     Be Respectful

·     Be Responsible

·     Be Resourceful